Trojan House by Jackson Clements Burrows

Situated in Melbourne’s Hawthorn, Trojan House is an homage to its namesake, the mythical Trojan Horse.

The brief for this alterations and additions project was to create a space for a young growing family with 3 children. Rather than adopt a tradition ‘box on the back’ type addition, architects Jackson Clements Burrows created a sculptural form that cantilevers above the garden and downstairs living space.

The programme is then wrapped in a seamless timber skin, covering the roof, windows and walls like a shell.

Inside, the timber motif is continued with products from Big River Group.

Blackbutt Armourfloor Panel sanded and coated in Bona Traffic is used in the interior. The smooth lines of the boards create an effective parallel with the exterior.

The natural grain of the timber shines through, lending a warmth to the living space whilst perfectly complementing the contemporary interior design.