Somers House

Builder Glenn Mealey chose tried and tested Big River timbers for an immaculate wooden interior.

When fitting out his $1.5 million home in Westernport Bay, builder Glenn Mealey jumped at the opportunity to use Big River timber flooring and decorative panels to achieve his vision.

Having used Big River products over the past five years across a range of professional projects, for Glenn, Big River was the natural choice.

Somers House is a testament to the triumph of timber in creating an elegant and yet welcoming domestic environment.

The two-storey house features Big River ArmourFloor in raw 189mm Spotted Gum throughout, together with Big River’s elegant timber panels framing the windows.

When he and his wife Bindi – herself an interior designer – collaborated on their own domestic project, they looked no further than Big River for their timber.

“The durability and range of timbers” combined with the ability to lay the boards directly over hydronic heating made it the best option for their interior fit-out.

“The is no movement in the timber over time, and you know that after 10 years it will look the same,” said Glenn of the reliable flooring.

“With ArmourFloor you can book match, so for the cabinetry in the bathroom this product was the top choice.”

Bindi was able to cantilever the vanities, and due to the dense and durable qualities of the timber, “there is no sagging”.

ArmourFloor is far more resistant to shrinkage than solid hardwood, meaning it can even be used wherever underfloor heating is installed.

When it came to the installation; with the complexity of the project Glenn chose APN Timber Floors, a company that he has partnered with on many projects over the last 5 years.