Royal Saxon House

The fit-out of this inner-city bar by Six Degrees blended the historic with the modern.

Richmond’s Royal Saxon House, like so much of inner-city Melbourne, melds a historic setting with clean modern lines and black ironwork.

The elegant makeover is the brainchild of Six Degrees architects, who embarked on a groundbreaking renovation of this popular Melbourne nightspot.

“I wanted to give people a quality everyday experience at The Royal Saxon and we achieve this by offering various dining and imbibing moods under one roof,” says Paul Olynyk, Owner of The Royal Saxon.

Attention to detail sets the Royal Saxon apart, with wonderful parquetry tables, stained glass windows and use of timber cladding and ceiling panels.

Having worked extensively with Big River in the past, Six Degrees chose their timber products to create this inviting and warm environment.

“Big River products have the benefit of warming the bar space, providing colour against the lighting choice, and soften the exterior brick walls,” said Giles Freeman of Six Degrees.

“Big River are a trusted supplier. They are able to source surplus hardwood off cuts on request,“ he added.

When you enter the Saxon’s courtyard, your attention is drawn skyward by the large established Jackson Bay Fig tree – creating a sense of openness.

You’ll also notice the patchwork nature of the new building work on the ground and first floor levels – sensitively creating a new vernacular for the bar.

Giles Freeman of Six Degrees Architects, who are responsible for the design, explains: “As the garden matures and covers the walls with foliage, the building will take on its intended feel of being an urban ruin.”

Upstairs, the ceiling appears to float, providing an open wall overlooking the courtyard and creating an uninterrupted flow from inside to out.

The Royal Saxon recently received recognition from the Australian Institute of Architects, being awarded a Commercial Architecture Award.