HB Fuller Forms a Great Bond

When laying a Big River engineered timber floor, consider the bond between the flooring and the substrate.

The flooring adhesive needs to be adaptable both to porous and non porous substrates, be compliant to areas where movement and noise need to be absorbed and be permanently flexible.

HB Fuller has provided the perfect solution – Floor Bond XMS™ with no water or solvents ensures the risk of deforming timber boards is eliminated, even with under floor heating.

Floor Bond XMS™ is the next generation of timber flooring adhesive. It’s specifically designed for all timber flooring applications; it is non-toxic and free from harmful isocynates.

This makes Floor Bond XMS™ safer to use than many other flooring adhesives.

Floor Bond XMS™ does not leave black residue on your hands and retains sharp peaks when trowelled. It also has the added benefit of being able to used for up to six weeks after opening the 16kg tub, provided the lid has been replaced correctly.

Floor Bond XMS™ has been used for Big River installations all over Australia.

Some recent examples of use include Cookes Plumbing, Sokyo Restaurant at The Star Casino, Lend Lease’s Silk project and numerous high traffic retail department stores where Big River has provided the timber that has been laid and glued with the HB Fuller adhesive.

HB Fuller