Gain from Reclaim

With a complete range of recycled timber products on offer, Big River’s commitment to sustainable materials can now be experienced through their range of salvaged timbers.

Recovered from demolished buildings and structures around Australia, the timber is milled to a high standard of surface finish to be used for structural, architectural and interior applications.

Floorboards come in two basic colour ranges, mixed red and mixed cream but individual species are available, as well as decking and cladding, whilst the reclaimed timber can also be used to create uniquely beautiful bench tops.

Sometimes centuries old, superior quality timber seasoned for lengthy periods offers great stability and low moisture content.

Hardwoods are subject to availability, but among the most common are Blackbutt, Spotted Gum, White Mahogany, Ironbark, Grey Gum, Tallowwood.

In a wasteful world where resources are limited and materials are disposable, using recycled timber is the ultimate choice for an environmentally friendly building.

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