Environmental Roots

Having its roots firmly planted in the Australian timber industry for over 100 years, Big River recognises the importance of sustainable practices.

By maximising the value extracted from each log processed, Big River aims to keep their environmental impact to a minimum.

With long-term wood supply agreements (LTWSA) with the State Government of NSW for the sourcing of their raw material log – and accredited under the Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) – 88% of the Big River log resource is from plantation forests in the state, for both pine and hardwood. The balance is AFS accredited re-growth hardwood.

Big River have built a reputation for adding value to these resources through their unique processes to produce structural grade products, in particular the hardwood plantations that were originally planted for woodchip use.

Materials once destined for the furnace are transformed into valuable resources – formply, high quality flooring and stair tread material.

Big River has installed an industry leading co-generation electricity plant, where manufacturing wood waste is used to create renewable energy on site, thereby greatly reducing the company’s requirement to source energy from the grid. The power plant also qualifies for Renewable Energy Credits (REC’s), an official recognition for the production of ‘Green Energy’.

The Big River flooring manufacturing plant has full chain of custody certification under AS4707 (certification no. 224) under both AFS and PEFC standards and was the first plywood operation in Australia to be accredited under this scheme.

Also, Big River has achieved FSC Chain of Custody accreditation for the marketing of a range of other certified timber products.

This approach will ensure a sustainable future for the resource, the company, suppliers and their local and global customers.